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The Human Universe

Yet, what sort of existence in the wake of death would that be for a one day old newborn child or for a 110 year old with extreme dementia or for somebody moderately aged who was an ex-boxer or ex-turf player whose head and mind had been so pound as to now abandon him only a part over a vegetative state. The same may apply to somebody who had been famished of oxygen for a protracted time, similar to a close suffocating casualty.

Imagine a scenario where your existence in the wake of death were essentially the same as your existence with a nine-to-five occupation, a spoiled manager, bearing an overwhelming email in abundance and inefficient and useless gatherings load, heaps of bills, duties and a yard to cut, in addition to those in-laws and unpleasant relatives. Add to that blend now a preeminent divinity that is pushing every known limit at extremely inconvenient times.

Presently recall pre-life. Is it true that it wasn't serene and quiet and tax exempt? Imagine a scenario in which your post-passing were the same as your pre-life, wouldn't that be 'magnificent', and to really sweeten the deal, it's all another person's issue now.

* Meaning, Purpose and Existence: An oft made inquiry is "What is my motivation in life: what am I doing here?" People need some kind of importance and reason to their reality and regularly look to religion to give it. That is unadulterated apathy. The Universe doles out you no importance. The Universe allots you no reason. The Universe couldn't care less why you are here. The Universe doesn't care at all on the grounds that the Universe can't care the slightest bit in precisely the same as a stone can't care at all about you and your mission.

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29-05-2017 06:40:43
Everyone should have an aim in his or her life. The main motto of this blog to discuss some points of human universe. The study of universe cannot be the part of term papers help but students can know about it through the subject geography. I wish to share this blog with my friends and friends of their friends.

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